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Everything new is actually well-forgotten old …For the fist time the Brut Lovers Club was opened in the late 19th century when the great winemaker Lev Golitsyn decided to unite people who share his conviction that Crimean sparkling wine can compete with the famous brands of the French champagne.

As brut sparkling wine was always considered to be the only true champagne it was decided to call their association the Brut Lovers Club. The founders of the club were famous winemakers, representatives of the largest producing and trading companies, leading figures of science and culture, philanthropists. Every year the Club members had to make donations to the Club’s Charitable Foundation. The funds were used for buying vines, new equipment, training people.

With the support of his associates from the Club Golitsyn had achieved his mail goal; he perfected the Novy Svet sparkling wine so it would match the world standards. At the World Fair in 1900, held in Paris, the Novy Svet Brut sparkling wine won the Grand Prix.
The Club became known in the Royal Court. In 1912 Emperor Nicolas II visited Novy Svet.  Prince Golitsyn showed the Emperor and his suite the labyrinth of the tunnels. In the tasting room Lev Sergeevich showed to the guests all the sparkling wine types produced by the Novy Svet from the very start. It did impress Nicolas. Among all the samples presented for tasting he singled out the Novy Svet Brut. Since then the Novy Svet sparkling wine became an integral part of all the royal festivities and receptions.

The Club meetings were held in the Golitsyn’s estate Novy Svet. Every visitor was supposed to leave a record in the Guestbook. There are signatures of Emperor Nicolas II, Count Benkendorf, Prince Orloff, leading figures of culture F. Shaliapin, M. Voloshin, A. Tolstoy and others.

Today, following the tradition of Prince Golitsyn, the Novy Svet Winery is reviving the Brut Lovers Club.

The very first honorary members of the Brut Lovers Club are the Novy Svet Winery’s director Y.P. Pavlenko, vice director general of the Magarach Wine and Vine Research Institute V.A. Zagoruiko, honorary OIV President N.M. Pavlenko.

    The purpose of the Club’s revival is to bring together successful people who appreciate and/or collect fine champagne and sparkling wine; to give them satisfaction from socializing with like-minded people.

The mission of the Club is to revive and further improve the culture of consuming sparkling wine; to uphold the right to good taste. Close co-operation of the members helps to enhance consumers’ interest in sparkling wine made by classic Crimean technology, to contribute to the popularization of knowledge about the history and production of champagne and sparkling wine and also about the culture of its consumption.
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